A trading platform and market of football players who came to Platform Gurus to develop a robust platform for their users.


Their Co-Founder Stuart Walsh talks about his experience of working with Platform Gurus.


"Platform Gurus very much led the requirements ‘articulation’ phase – it was a confidence-inspiring process for us, seeing the thinking being pretty complete from the beginning and knowing that it would be properly engineered."


"After 4-6 weeks, I turned to our team and said 'our platform is built now, and it’s been fully tested and deployed - here are the reports.' For something that is so well architected, so robust – it came so quickly without any fuss – it’s extraordinary!" 


"As with every project, things change as the product comes to life. We wanted to modify, change and tweak things – it was very easy then for Platform Gurus to go back to the documentation, and implement that change – and it’s all updated. They were always looking at challenges we had, always listening and no change was ever an issue."

"You will enjoy the process of working with them immensely. Their approach is so rigorous; from the good engineering and development through to delivery."


"I received a file containing all the code for each release, all the documentation, guidance notes for deployment. If I chose to give that to my Developer, they could then deploy it and run the platform. " 


"You’ll never get a situation where the platform can’t be supported – which is the biggest fear you as a potential client would have. Platform Gurus give you the independence and comfort that you won’t be locked in – you can operate your own technology if you want to."


"Quality is outstanding from the very moment when they help refine the requirements, splitting them into logical, intelligent phases, then you get the deliverables from those; fully packaged, fully documented with clear operating instructions – it’s fantastic!" 


"The quality of the underlying platform really gives us options around our commercial strategy. We can launch into new sports or geographies at the touch of a button which is huge for an early stage business like FIVE YARDS." 

"Once you’ve worked with Platform Gurus, and used their methodology, you would never do it any other way – ever again."


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